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Group therapy

What is group therapy?

Group psychotherapy provides a sense of common experience that can empower change, develop self-awareness, build confidence and reduce shame. By seeing how other people make positive change, you can discover a range of strategies for facing your own concerns. Typically, groups meet for 1.5 hours once a week and range between six to ten people in size. I hold the group and maintain safe boundaries.


Groups offered:

  • Survivors of Sexual Abuse Healing Together: Group therapy can help you recover from the impact of sexual abuse. I provide a weekly, safe, warm and confidential space where survivors can share experiences and support each other. For more information, please click here


  • Support for Partners Affected by Compulsive Sexual Behaviour: It can be difficult to deal with the devastating effect of discovering your partner has a compulsive sexual behaviour.  Group therapy in a safe and confidential space can help you break the feeling of isolation through meeting other partners. For more information, please click here.

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