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Working with you


I offer and work in the following ways:

• Individual Counselling 

• Individual, Couples, Relationship and Sex Therapy

• Online therapy in both the UK, Ireland, Spain and throughout Europe

What is individual therapy?

Individual psychotherapy is one-on-one work, aimed at improving your wellbeing.  Together we will address the issues you find difficult to face alone. The purpose of the first session is to gain an understanding of why you have come to therapy, and what you are hoping to achieve. It gives you the opportunity to decide if I am best placed to help you.  The session lasts 50 minutes, and there is no obligation to return for a second session. If you wish to continue, we will agree a suitable way of working going forward.


What is couples and relationship therapy?

Couples and Relationship Therapy offers a safe, non judgemental and professional space to help understand the problems you are experiencing.  Difficulties in our relationship can impact on health, family and happiness.  Together we can gain an understanding of your relationship dynamics, creating a place that can empower change, develop relationship-awareness, build confidence, reduce shame and build closeness and intimacy.  

What is sex therapy? 

Sexual intimacy is an important part of our wellbeing and relationships.  It can be incredibly difficult to talk about a sexual issue, it is likely to cause a great deal of distress and anxiety.  Sexual issues are more common than we think, they can be caused by medical or psychological issues or a combination of both.  Intimate relationships can move to the bottom of the pile when we are juggling childcare, home, work, ageing parents and financial issues.  Sex can become another thing we have to do, sometimes our body lets us down, many illnesses, for example, cancer or diabetes can cause sexual issues.  As a specialist sex and relationship therapist I can offer the support you need to build intimacy and closeness, developing a sexual relationship that is right for you.  

What is online therapy?

Online therapy allows you to attend your session from your own home or business venue.  We will connect online via Zoom.  You will require access to a smartphone, laptop, PC or tablet with a camera, and internet connection.  Sessions will last 50 minutes.  I work online with clients in the UK, Ireland, Spain and throughout Europe.

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